Newborn Photography Mentors and Workshops

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Learning newborn photography can be quite challenging.  It takes some very special skills to become a talented newborn photographer.  However, once you have your safety, posing, lighting, and marketing down, you can have a thriving business focusing just on photographing babies.  Whether you need help getting started or are already photographing babies and just want to improve your skills, these talented photographers can help you get to your next level.

California Newborn Photography Mentoring & Workshops


Candice Swanson Photography | Orange Co. CA

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Candice has been a newborn photographer in Orange County California for 12 years and offers newborn photography mentoring.  Learn more about her newborn photography here.  


 Florida Newborn Photography Mentoring & Workshops 

Tricia Harris Photography | Palm Bay, Florida

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Tricia Harris offers newborn photography mentoring and workshops.  Tricia covers newborn photography workflow, wrapping, posing, safety, lighting and angles.  Learn more about her newborn photography mentoring here.


 Idaho Newborn Photography Mentoring & Workshops

Caralee Case Photography | Idaho Falls, ID

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Caralee case teaches small group workshops  that cover studio light, white balance, exposure, camera settings, lens choice, newborn posing and workflow, wrapping workflow, using color and pattern to create unique imagery, how to make each session special, client communication, marketing, EDITING and more!!!!!!! 
Caralee also offers "Learn on Your Turf" 1:1 newborn photography mentoring, which takes place at YOUR studio, so you can learn in YOUR environment, with YOUR equipment and props, and YOUR unique challenges and is fully customizable based on your needs.  


Indiana Newborn Photography Mentoring & Workshops

L. Severson Portraits | Indianapolis, IN

newborn photography mentoring workshops indiana
Leah Severson offers one-on-one newborn photography mentoring at her studio in Indianapolis, Indiana to photographers who are interested in breaking into the newborn market.  She teaches marketing, SEO, lighting and safe, simple poses that sell.  Learn more about her newborn photography mentoring in Indianapolis by clicking here.


 Texas Newborn Photography Mentoring & Workshops

Jessica Doffing Photography | Austin, TX

Jessica Doffing Photography offers one-on-one in person newborn safety and posing workshops and one-on-on virtual Lightroom/Photoshop training.

Learn more about Jessica's newborn photography mentoring here.