The ULTIMATE Guide to Making Your Own Newborn Photography Wraps

Hey friends!  I’m a newborn photographer in Indianapolis and I also own HomeSewn Photography Props.  I buy THOUSANDS of yards of fabrics a year to make newborn photography wraps, so if you have any of these questions, keep reading!  I tell you everything you need to know about making newborn wraps, including….

  • DIY Newborn Photography Wraps
  • The Best Size to Make Newborn Photography Wraps
  • Where to Buy Material for Newborn Photography Wraps
  • The Best Fabrics to Use for Newborn Photography Wraps

When it comes to capturing those precious moments of newborns, photographers understand the significance of using the right props and accessories. Using the best newborn photography wraps is an essential part of the job!  Wraps not only add a touch of charm but also provide a comfortable and secure environment for the baby during the shoot. In this article, I will explore some of the best types of fabric that you can consider for newborn photography wraps, helping you create stunning and memorable images.

Material for Newborn Photoshoot Wrap DIY

The BEST Fabrics & Material to Make Newborn Photography Wraps

Down below, I go into detail about each type of fabric recommended for newborn photography wraps, and give more detail about each.  But if you just want the list of the BEST materials to buy for newborn photography wraps, here are my recommendations.

  • Stretch Knit Fabric
  • Jersey Knit Fabric
  • Double Brushed Polyester Fabric
  • French Terry Fabric
  • Stretch Lace Fabric
  • Muslin Fabric
  • Cheesecloth Fabric
  • Gauze & Double Gauze Fabric
  • Stretch Lace
  • Stretch Waffle
  • Ribbed Knit

Keep reading to find out

  • Where to buy material for your newborn photography wraps
  • How much fabric to buy for your newborn wraps
  • Why shopping online for fabric might not be a good idea


Using Stretch Knit Jersey Fabrics to Wrap a Newborn for Photoshoots 

Stretch knit fabric is the most popular fabric used by photographers to wrap newborns for their photoshoot.  It goes by a lot of different names:  Jersey knit, t-shirt knit, sweater knit, stretch knit, cotton jersey, jersey spandex blend, poly spandex blend, etc.  Made from blends of cotton, polyester, and spandex, stretch knit fabrics offer a stretchy and snug wrap that hugs the baby securely. Its lightweight nature ensures that the baby remains comfortable during the photography session. Most stretch knit fabrics also drape beautifully, allowing photographers to create artistic and dreamy compositions. This fabric is available in tons of colors and textures, giving photographers a wide range of options. 


baby wrapped in double gauze fabric wrap for newborn photoshoot

Using Double Gauze, Cheesecloth or Muslin Fabric to Wrap Baby for a Newborn Photoshoot

Muslin, cheesecloth and double gauze fabrics have long been a staple in newborn photography due to their lightweight and breathable qualities. They're made from 100% cotton and provides a natural and organic look to the wraps. All 3 wrap fabrics have a slightly textured appearance, adding depth and character to the images. They are available in a multitude of shades, from rich, dark and vibrant to neutral,  allowing photographers to create timeless and elegant setups.  Most muslin, cheesecloth, and double gauze fabrics, however, do not have any stretch to them, so they will function a bit differently than a stretch knit wrap, but their elegant texture puts them at the top of the list of newborn photography wraps for many photographers.

Double gauze, cheesecloth, and muslin share a similar texture, which can lead to confusion. However, the crucial distinction lies in their construction. While muslin consists of a single layer of loosely woven cotton, double gauze is made by layering two separate pieces of fabric. This layering technique gives double gauze its unique look and added softness, making it distinct from muslin.

Typical cheesecloth has just a wee bit of stretch to it and can work beautifully for newborn photography wrapping. Some cheesecloth wraps are blended with a small percentage of spandex or elastane, giving it even more stretchability to perfectly wrap those newborns snugly and securely.

Cheesecloth offers a semi-transparent and wispy appearance, allowing photographers to create a soft and dreamy atmosphere. Its loosely woven texture adds a touch of texture and depth to the photographs. With its delicate nature, stretch cheesecloth wraps can be easily manipulated to create various wrapping styles and poses, giving photographers the flexibility to achieve unique and artistic compositions.

Cheesecloth wraps are available in a range of colors, from neutral and earthy tones to vibrant and pastel shades, offering ample choices to suit different themes and preferences. It also pairs well with other newborn photography props, such as baskets, bowls, or headbands, adding a soft and organic touch to the overall setup.


Newborn photography wrap floral fabric diy prop

Using Double Brushed Poly Fabric for Newborn Photography Wraps

One of the BEST fabrics for newborn photography wraps is double brushed polyester. This fabric offers a wonderful combination of softness, durability, and versatility, making it an excellent choice for creating cozy and comfortable wraps. The double brushed technique gives the fabric a plush and luxurious feel, ensuring that the newborn feels snug and secure during the photo shoot. Double brushed polyester is also known for its excellent draping qualities, allowing photographers to achieve beautiful folds and wraps for artistic compositions. Additionally, this fabric is easy to clean and maintain, making it practical for use in newborn photography. Its wide range of colors and patterns adds further flexibility, enabling photographers to create a variety of captivating setups. With double brushed polyester wraps, photographers can capture stunning images while ensuring the baby's comfort and safety.


Best fabric for DIY Newborn Photography Wraps French terry sleeping baby

French Terry Newborn Photography Wraps

French terry is another of my favorite fabrics for newborn photography wraps, offering both comfort and style and a rich look. With its soft and looped texture, French terry provides a gentle and cozy environment for the baby during the photoshoot. This fabric is made from cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester, ensuring breathability and allowing the baby's delicate skin to breathe. French terry wraps stretch and flexibility allow photographers to achieve various wrapping styles and poses, enhancing the creativity and versatility of the images. Available in a range of colors and patterns, French terry wraps add a touch of charm and elegance to the newborn portraits. With their combination of comfort and visual appeal, French terry wraps are a great choice for any newborn photography session.


stretch lace best fabric diy newborn photography props

Stretch Lace Wraps for Newborn Baby Photoshoots

Stretch lace is a delightful choice for newborn photography wraps, adding a touch of elegance and delicacy to the images. This lightweight and stretchable fabric offers a soft and gentle wrap for the baby, ensuring their comfort during the photoshoot. Stretch lace is typically made from a blend of nylon and spandex, providing both flexibility and a snug fit. Its intricate floral patterns and delicate texture create a visually captivating backdrop for the newborn. The sheer nature of stretch lace allows for creative play with lighting, resulting in beautifully ethereal and dreamy photographs. Photographers can experiment with different wrapping techniques and poses, utilizing the graceful draping qualities of stretch lace. It comes in various colors and designs, allowing photographers to achieve a personalized and artistic touch to their newborn portraits. With its combination of charm, stretchability, and aesthetic appeal, stretch lace is a wonderful fabric choice for capturing the beauty and innocence of newborns.


stretch waffle fabric for diy newborn photography wrap prop

Stretch Waffle Wraps for Newborn Photography

Stretch waffle fabric is an excellent choice for newborn photography props, offering both visual appeal and functionality. This unique fabric features a textured waffle pattern that adds depth and dimension to the props, creating a captivating and tactile element in the photographs. The stretchability of the fabric allows for a secure and snug fit, ensuring the baby's comfort during posing. Stretch waffle fabric is typically made from a blend of cotton and spandex, providing softness, breathability, and flexibility. It is gentle on the baby's delicate skin and allows for easy movement and adjustments during the session. The textured surface of the fabric adds an interesting visual element, adding richness and interest to the overall composition. With its versatility and charming texture, stretch waffle fabric enhances the visual aesthetic of newborn photography props while providing a cozy and comfortable experience for the baby.

Ribbed Knit Fabric for Newborn Photoshoot Wraps

Ribbed knit fabric is a wonderful choice for newborn photography wraps, offering a unique texture and visual interest to the images. This fabric is characterized by its raised vertical lines or ribs, which create a beautiful and subtle pattern. The ribbed texture adds depth and dimension to the wraps, creating an elegant and sophisticated look. Ribbed knit fabric is typically made from a blend of cotton, polyester, or a combination of both, providing a soft and stretchy feel. Its stretchability allows for a secure and snug wrap, ensuring the baby's comfort and safety during the shoot. The ribbed texture also adds a tactile element, enhancing the sensory experience for the baby. Additionally, ribbed knit fabric comes in a variety of colors and tones, providing versatility and options for photographers to match their desired aesthetic. With its unique texture and flexibility, ribbed knit fabric adds a touch of elegance and charm to newborn photography wraps, helping to create beautiful and memorable images.


What size to make your diy newborn photography wrap for baby photoshoot

What Size to Make Your Newborn Photography Wraps

Most newborn photographers use wraps that are approximately 18” tall by 60” wide.  If you’re shopping for fabric to make your own newborn photography wraps, find your favorite stretch knit and buy half a yard.  Most knit fabrics are 60” wide, so if you buy half a yard, you’ll  have the perfect size piece of fabric to use for your newborn photography wrap.

If you like to match your backdrop fabric to your wrap, you can buy 2 yards of fabric, then cut 18% off.  You’ll have a yard and a half to use as a backdrop, and half a yard to wrap the baby.


best fabrics for diy newborn photoshoot wrap photography


Where to Buy Fabrics to Make Your Own Newborn Photography Wraps

Most retail fabric stores - like Joann's, Hobby Lobby, carry a variety of knit, stretch lace, gauze, and other fabrics that will work well for newborn photography props.  You can take the list of best fabrics for wraps to the lovely lady with the scissors at the fabric counter, and ask her to show you a selection of those fabrics.  Or you can do what I do, which is to wander up and down the aisles, brushing my hands against all the fabrics, finding that ones that feel soft and have a nice amount of stretch.  

You can also shop for fabric online to use for newborn photography wraps.  However, a warning first.  Sometimes what you see in the picture is not what you actually get.  I've bought stretch fabrics that end up not being stretchy enough.  I've also bought knits that ended up being shiny, which I thought made them look cheap and inappropriate to use for my newborn photoshoots.

Walmart also typically has a small selection of knit fabrics in their fabric department.  These are not on the rolls of fabric, but in a separate area.  Just wander around the fabric department and you'll find them.  They're typically cut into 2-yard pieces and they sell for an amazing $4 for two yards.  That's an incredible price for fabric!  You can buy 2 yards, cut off half a yard for your newborn photography wrap, and use the other 1.5 yards as beanbag fabric. 

You never know what you're going to find there, but I've found some awesome fabrics at Walmart for a great price.   Best material for diy newborn photography wrap


Selecting the right fabric for newborn photography wraps is crucial to ensure the comfort and safety of the baby while creating stunning images. Remember to prioritize the baby's well-being and choose fabrics that are soft, breathable, and easy to clean. By using these fabrics, photographers can create beautiful setups that showcase the innocence and beauty of newborns, resulting in cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Special thanks to Emily Julander of Em J Photography and Leah Severson of L. Severson Photography in Indianapolis for sharing their beautiful newborn photography with us!

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