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If you're a newborn baby photographer or working towards starting your own newborn photography business, a newborn bed is definitely a must-have studio prop.  In fact, I have several of them and my newborn photography clients always request that I shoot newborn poses on these adorable tiny beds.

There are lots of wonderful newborn photography props that sell newborn photography prop beds, including wooden beds, metal beds, macrame beds, rattan and wicker beds, and more.  Keep reading to find out where you can get some of the best newborn photography bed props for your studio.



newborn photography prop bed macrame boho yellow lamb


Yellow Lamb Photography Props

Lena at Yellow Lamb Photography Props was SO very helpful when I placed my order for one of her beautiful bed props.  

Yellow Lamb Photography Props has many varieties of newborn bed props, but they are best known for their macrame posing beds, which are simply PERFECT for all those boho newborn photoshoots.

Yellow Lamb newborn beds are made in and shipped from Poland, so if you're in the United States, you might pay a bit more to get these newborn photography prop beds shipped to you, but they are totally worth the time and the expense.  

My clients are always asking me to use "that cute rope bed" for their newborn portrait session so I keep it handy at every photoshoot.  In fact, the picture at the top of this page features a Yellow Lamb newborn posing bed.


newborn posing bed for photographers boho macrame woodnewborn posing bed for photographers boho woodnewborn photography bed prop boho woodenbaby bed for photographers boho wooden



Rozzi Rayne Newborn Photography Props


Rozzi Rayne Studio Props

Rozzi Rayne Studio Props has LOTS of newborn photography prop beds, including wire beds for your newborn portrait session.

Rozzi Rayne Studio props has wooden beds available in many popular colors, including natural, gray and cream.  You also have the option to have them make your newborn photography prop bed in a custom color of your choice.

Rozzi Rayne also has newborn bed props in metal and wicker and has some very unique double-sided beds with gorgeous floral designs. 

Rozzi Rayne ships its newborn photography prop beds from the United States.  And they have a great variety of other newborn photography props for your studio.

I purchased this adorable cream wooden prop bed from Rozzi Rayne years ago and I use it at every newborn photoshoot.  It's a client favorite! 


newborn photography prop bed wooden rozzi rayne



newborn photography prop bed luneberry


Luneberry Prop Shop

Luneberry Props is another popular prop shop for newborn photographers, and they have an awesome variety of newborn bed props.

Luneberry offers newborn beds made of rattan and wood.  They have an adorable newborn bed made from reclaimed wood too.  Luneberry sells several varieties of 3-sided newborn bed props.  And they have some printed beds with floral and other adorable designs.

Luneberry props is based in the United States in Texas but the husband and wife team that runs this adorable photography prop shop ship their bed props worldwide.  



newborn bed photography prop so tweet designs


So Tweet Designs Photography Props

So Tweet Designs is a baby photography prop vendor based in Idaho in the United States.  At the time I'm writing this blog post, they only have three newborn bed props in their shop, but all three are adorable and available in a variety of colors.

So Tweet's also prop shop also has a rainbow-themed bed prop which is cute as can be.  

I have not ordered any newborn photography props from So Tweet Designs although they're certainly on my favorite prop vendor list!  Judging from their Etsy shop though, plenty of photographers have bought newborn props from So Tweet.  Their shop has more than 4,000 5-star reviews!


newborn photography prop bed wood metal


May + Mill Newborn & Sitter Photography Props

May + Mill Prop Shop has lots of yummy newborn beds.  Most are made of wood, although their shop does also sell the popular metal newborn photography prop bed so many photographers like to use.  

They have several different designs of wooden posing beds and each is available in more than half a dozen gorgeous colors.  May + Mill also has at least one sweet little newborn daybed prop in their shop.



newborn bed prop shop tiny tot


Tiny Tot Prop Shop

Tiny Tot Prop Shop is located on Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia, Canada but they ship their newborn photography props worldwide.

Tiny Tot only has a couple bed props in the shop, but they're adorable.  One is a cradle-like wooden bed and the other is the popular bamboo bed that a lot of photographers are using in their newborn photoshoots.  

 newborn baby bed for photographers woodnewborn photography bed prop photographers woodenrustic newborn photography prop bed baby woodenwicker rattan newborn posing bed for photographers prop


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