Versa Maternity Gown for Photoshoot

Maternity Gown for Photoshoot

Check out the most versatile maternity gown set in the photography industry!

The Versa Maternity Gown is one set that can be worn in more than a dozen different styles.  

Better yet, it's one size fits most.  No need to buy dresses in multiple sizes and styles.

But wait - there's more!  The skirt portion doubles as beanbag fabric for your newborn portrait sessions.  

Shop for stretch knit Versa Maternity Sets here.

Shop for velvet Versa Maternity Sets here.


What size does that Versa Maternity Photoshoot Gown come in?

The Versa set is one size fits most. No need to purchase multiple sizes.


What pieces come in a Versa Maternity Set?

The set comes with 3 main pieces: a tie-on bandeau piece, a large skirt piece that doubles as beanbag fabric, and a tie-on shoulder ruffle. The set also comes with small strips of fabric that can be tied around the bandeau to go from a straight bandeau to a princess bodice.

How does the Versa Maternity Gown close?

In order to hold the fabric closed in the back, you will need to use clamps, binder clips, clothes pins or chip clips.


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