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Newborn Photographer Caralee Case tries TuckWraps!

It's so exciting when a big name in the newborn photography industry orders a TuckWrap™ set.  I'm always shaking in my shoes.  Will they love it?  Will they hate it?  I always hold my breath waiting to find out.
I recently sent newborn photographer and workshop teacher Caralee Case (as if I need to introduce her - of course you know who she is already!) a criss-cross TuckWrap prop in dusty pink waffle.  
I nearly fell over when I saw her beautiful newborn photograph featuring my TuckWrap set.  Then I got this sweet little note from Caralee:
|I LOVE the TuckWrap!!!!!!  Oh my goodness it was SO much easier to use than actually doing a full criss-cross wrap.  It fit baby perfectly and I feel like I saved SO much time by using this design.  I'm hooked!!!!!!!!!!!"
I'm hooked too Caralee!  I'm glad you are too!  Thanks you so much for sharing your beautiful newborn portrait with me and for your kind words about TuckWrap newborn photography wraps.  

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  • Dea Merritt

    Beautiful image!!

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