Photographing Newborn and Sibling Together

Photographing Newborn and Sibling Together

Getting the Perfect Newborn & Sibling Shot

If you've been in the photography industry for even a quick second, you'll realize that one of the hardest shots to get is a shot of a toddler with a newborn sibling.

Here's the easiest way I found to do it in cases where I just can't get the toddler to cooperate and sit down next to his newborn baby sister or brother.

I'll start by posing the newborn in a basket or bucket so that the toddler does not have to hold or even touch the baby.  I'll take pictures of the newborn baby alone in the basket or bucket.  Then I'll have a parent attempt to sit the sibling down next to the basket or bucket while the baby is still in it.  Sometimes this works and I can just take the picture and be done with it.

But we all know that sometimes this doesn't work.  If that's the case, we go to Plan B. I'll have the parent remove the toddler from the scene.  Then I'll take pictures of the baby by himself in the basket or bucket.  I'll frame the shot as if the sibling was sitting next to the bucket or basket.

Then I'll have a parent remove the baby from the basket.  I'll put some bright, colorful balls into the basket, and make sure the toddler gets to watch me doing this.  Then I'll have a parent sit the sibling next to the basket and ask the toddler to throw the balls at me, or at a parent seated next to me. 

I'll take pictures of the toddler looking in the basket and smiling after he throws each ball.  Now all I have to do it composite these two images together in Photoshop to create one perfect image of the siblings together.

What are your favorite tips for getting a toddler and sibling shot? Scroll down to the comments below and share your thoughts period.

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