TuckWrap™ | 3-piece Set | Fringe-Trimmed
TuckWrap™ | 3-piece Set | Fringe-Trimmed
TuckWrap™ | 3-piece Set | Fringe-Trimmed
TuckWrap™ | 3-piece Set | Fringe-Trimmed

TuckWrap™ | 3-piece Set | Fringe-Trimmed

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This 3-piece TuckWrap™ set consists of TuckWrap™ ("cheat" wrap) layer with fringe trim, outer loop, and coordinating tieback. Intended for use as a newborn photography prop only.  Please do not leave baby unattended. Please hand wash and lay flat to dry. This is a MADE TO ORDER item. You can expect your props to ship in 2-4 weeks. 
Fringe trim may vary slightly from that pictured.


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All our props are are made-to-order. You can expect your props to ship in 2-4 weeks. All newborn wraps and other photography props are made right here in the US by stay-at-home moms in Central Indiana. However, if we are out of the fabric – which we try not to be but does sometimes happen – it could be longer. Also, please note that “shipping” means “we will ship it by this date” not “you will receive it by this date.”

Thank you for your patience! We hope you find our products worth the wait!

This is a MADE TO ORDER item. All of our newborn photography props and wraps are shipped from Indiana, United States, via 1st Class USPS. According to the USPS website, shipping time to locations in the United States is 1-4 days.

Everything in our shop is MADE TO ORDER. Our shop does not accept returns. The only exception is in the case of a defective item. Upon return of the defective item, we will refund your cost to ship the defective product back to us via First Class USPS and ship another of the exact same item in the exact same size and color as the original item.

Please hand wash and lay flat to dry.

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A TuckWrap™ is a set of fabrics that are designed to lay over a traditional wrap or a baby wearing an UnderWrap.  The TuckWrap allows you to change the entire look of baby's wrap without unwrapping and waking the baby up.  

Most TuckWrap™ sets come with the decorative TuckWrap layer, the outer loop that holds the TuckWrap layer in place, plus a matching sleepy hat and tieback.  Some of the more feminine designs do not include a newborn sleepy hat prop, and some of the more masculine TuckWraps™ are sold without a tieback.  Each product description lists what comes with each set.

Many of our TuckWrap™ sets come with a loop that has lace on one side, and no lace on the other.  This allows you to use the set with a boy or girl baby.  For the boy babies, you place the loop on with the lace on the bottom so it tucks behind baby and you won't see it in the pictures.  To dress things up a bit for the baby girls, you can put the loop on lace side up for a frilly look.  Not sure if the TuckWrap™ you're choosing comes with lace on the loop?  Just read the product description to find out.

There are actually two "tricks" to getting your TuckWrap™ to look perfect.  First, make sure that after you pull the loop over the TuckWrap™, you reach beneath the loop and pull the TuckWrap layer down tightly across baby.  This will give you a smooth, polished look.  Also, pull the loop down around the baby as far as possible.  This will give you a more rounded looking baby.  This TuckWrap™ how-to video should explain further. 

Yes. TuckWraps™ are so easy to use, even new parents can wrap their babies beautifully.  Here's are a couple videos showing newborn parents wrapping their own babies - beautifully - the very first time using the UnderWrap™ + TuckWrap™ combo.

TuckWrap newborn photography wraps were invented by Indianapolis newborn photographer Leah Severson.  She's been photographing newborn babies for more than 20 years and was frustrated that once she got a baby wrapped, she had to unwrap the baby - and potentially wake up a peacefully sleeping baby - in order to change to the next wrap.  She initially designed the TuckWrap to lay over a traditional newborn photography wrap so you could leave the baby wrapped in the original wrap and completely change the look without disturbing the baby.  Leah later developed the UnderWrap.  It's another patent-pending newborn photography wrapping device.  This is designed to go on beneath a traditional wrap or beneath a TuckWrap, to hold baby in a nice, rounded position so baby is comfy and swaddled during the session. TuckWraps newborn photography wraps come in lots of different styles and colors.  Current TuckWrap designs include 3-bow TuckWraps,  single-knot TuckWraps, criss-cross TuckWraps, and specialty TuckWraps.  Our specialty TuckWraps feature multiple fabric styles, lace, rainbows, and lots of other trims and fun things to make your newborn photography sessions really stand out from the crowd.

TuckWrap newborn photography wraps come in a variety of styles, including criss-cross, 3-bow, single-knot, boho, fringe, and specialty sets. 

Leah Severson

Our Story

I’m Leah – Indianapolis newborn photographer and owner of HomeSewn Photography Props.  I took up sewing a few years ago to make props for my Indianapolis newborn photography studio.  I was having so much fun that I decided to sell my creations. 



I’m obsessed with my tuck wraps and use them every session.

Lindsay Walden

I love these!! These products are amazing!!!

A. Pitre Doucet

I have a lot of your products they work amazingly!!

T. Denham

I used my first one for the first time yesterday. I can’t wait to buy more. It was so easy to use!

H. Louise Dwyer

I love how easy it is to use!

J. Kosiboski

My favorite wraps!

A. Conrad

Has to be the best invention ever. I cannot master the wrap!! This looks amazing.

M. Herrick

These are amazing. Best prop I have seen!

D. Amanda

These are My favorite!!! I never do a session without them!!!

E. Weeks-Hoeger

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